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Auckland magician Andy Wonder holds the secret to making your kids birthday party simply unforgettable.

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Who else wants their child’s birthday awash with laughter and giggles galore?

You’ll have time to join in with all the fun during your next kids party with help from comedy magician Andy Wonder. His Magic Party performances have become the sought after option for families all over Auckland who want their child’s special day to be a sure fire success.

Your guests can experience the enchantment of professional magic illusions right up close. Andy offers an assortment of different acts designed to appeal to the various levels of a child’s development. Whether you’re hosting timid preschoolers, teens itching for something freaky or you've got the whole neighborhood over Andy will have fitting surprises for everyone. His birthday party shows are renowned for captivating the whole family.

Read over some of the recent reviews from parents who've invited Andy Wonder to help make their birthday party a success:

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Extras included.

When you invite Andy Wonder to perform at your party you receive a customised package where attention is paid to those often overlooked details. You get a pile of extra bits including everything from personalised invitations to giveaway magic wands. Andy even performs with a lovely assistant to guarantee everything runs smoothly on the day.

Pitched at the level right for you.

You can choose the level of sophistication for your magic show based on the maturity of the guests you're hosting.

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Gentle Show

Non-threatening magic suitable for everyone. Puppets are included with lots of opportunities for active involvement.
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Parental Guidance

Fast paced show with lots of exciting surprises, cool illusions and nothing babyish. Get ready for a thrill.
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Mature Magic

Family friendly show full of clever, thought provoking effects with some elements of perceived danger.
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Fluffy rabbit available.

For the classic magic show experience you can opt to include the appearance of a fluffy white bunny rabbit.

Birthday party special.

Hiring a professional magician does not need to cost a fortune. You can engage Andy Wonder directly without any hefty agency commissions. He offers a birthday party special package with a price that might surprise you.

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